How to apply

If you know that you are doing interesting work in RE, read the information then follow the FIVE STEPS below.

All documents, including the application form, school evidence form and learner questionnaires can be accessed from this page.

(For schools in Wales, visit the Wales page)

The RE Quality Mark Award

The REQM has three levels of award: bronze, silver and gold.

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The REQM uses evidence to tell a big story. Levels are cumulative.

School and Learner Evidence

School evidence
The criteria and exemplar evidence in the REQM School Evidence Form will help you to determine the award level you meet. These criteria are divided into five sections:

  • Learners and Learning
  • Teachers and Teaching
  • Curriculum
  • Subject Leadership
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The assessor will also talk through the evidence with you and will discuss with a member of the senior leadership team the extent to which RE is supported in the school.

We suggest that you highlight those criteria which you think you meet and give brief examples of how you meet them.

During the meeting, the assessor will make notes about how secure the evidence is. At the end of the visit, the assessor will usually be able to tell you the level you have achieved in the REQM. This will be confirmed by the REQM Administrator who will arrange for a certificate to be sent to the school.

Learner evidence
key part of the evidence is what your learners say about RE. You need to survey the views of young people in your setting, using one of the learner questionnaires. The assessor will spend time speaking to a range of pupils in school. 

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Complete the online REQM Application Form.

NOTEPlease see Wales section of the website for materials for schools in Wales. 


Download the School Evidence form. Highlight those sections which you think apply to your school. Special schools may either use the evidence form or the optional Special School Evidence form.
The School Evidence Form should be shown to the assesor on the day of the visit. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO THE REQM OFFICE.

Please see Wales section of the website for materials for schools in Wales. 

In this article first published in RE Today, Katie Martin provides five very useful tips for preparing for the RE Quality Mark. Katie, a teacher in Oldham, has taught in two schools which have achieved the REQM gold award.


In this article, Michael Redmond RE subject co-ordinator at Beauchamp Middle School, describes how the REQM experience has impacted on the quality of RE at his school.

Highlight the sample evidence which apply to your school and add some examples of your own. (This is not intended to be hard work: it is gathering evidence. The correct evidence can tell a big story).


Download either the REQM primary or secondary questionnaire. (Available in Word and PDF formats)
REQM primary questionnaire (Word) Primary questionnaire (PDF)
REQM secondary questionnaire (Word) REQM secondary questionnaire (PDF)

Please see Wales section of the website for materials for schools in Wales. 


Arrange for groups of pupils to complete the questionnaire – this should be a cross section of the learners in your school. (Young children and those needing additional support can work with a TA.) Pupils do not have to include their names, unless they wish to. Some schools are offering the questionnaire to all pupils, but this is not necessary. The learner questionnaires are a key element of evidence for the award.



  • Once you have completed the online application form an assessor will be appointed by the REQM office and you will be notified via email.

  • Your assessor will then contact you to arrange a date and time to visit your school. The visit will last 2 hours.

  • The evidence form and pupil questionnaires should be kept to show your assessor on the day of the assessment, these do not need to be sent to the REQM office.

  • The assessor will speak with the headteacher, the subject leader, a small group of pupils and look at the evidence you have collected.

  • The school will be invoiced one month prior to the assessment, or as soon as a date is arranged should this be less than one month in advance. 

  • Please note, the REQM office will confirm the level achieved and send the certificate after the assessment.