First RE Quality Mark conference

Posted: Mon 10th Feb 2014

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We were delighted to run the first RE Quality Mark conference for school leaders whose schools have achieved the REQM award. Generously supported by the Hockerill Foundation, the conference focused on sharing examples of high quality practice which enabled schools to achieve the award. The keynote was given by Dr Mark Chater who scoped the opportunities as well as the challenges for RE leaders and encouraged delegates to take advantage of and contribute to the new cpd opportunities emerging through RE hubs. 7 subject leaders led sessions about enquiry based learning, the usefulness of networking, RE in a special school, spiritual development and RE, using ICT in RE and high quality learning in RE.

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REQM Assessor training in Wales

Posted: Fri 11th Oct 2013

On Monday 7th October REQM Project Managers Jane Brooke and Mary Myatt led the assessor training for REQM Wales.

There were 7 assessors including four from schools which had received the award.

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Posted: Thu 26th Sep 2013

  • The Welsh pilot is completed and assessor training is being run for assessments in Welsh schools
  • The Keswick Hall Trust has generously given funding for 6 REQM school in the Eastern region to work with 12 new schools to create REQM hubs through networks.
  • The project managers presented at the CStG Leaders Weekend in September.
  • Jane Brooke has started a pilot with Chester university on action research with teachers in a small group of REQM schools as part of project to encourage teachers to study for an MA.
  • Fliers promoting the REQM have been emailed to all schools in England and Wales
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Launch of the RE Quality Mark

Posted: Thu 18th Jul 2013

House of Lords, 15 July 2013

Baroness Perry welcomed everyone to the launch, in particular the 

high achieving young people who have worked very hard in a subject that is so important and so much fun to do.

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RE Quality Mark Project Manager Jane Brooke, introduced the formal part of the afternoon, first by thanking Baroness Perry for hosting the event at the House of Lords and for the opportunity to celebrate the launch of the RE Quality Mark.

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