Considering the REQM?

Posted: Tue 07th Apr 2015

At the beginning of 2015, Head of RE Lorraine Abbott posted a new year's resolution on her blog that she would: 

Apply for the RE Quality Mark (REQM).

The REQM will help us as a department to reflect upon our practice as we prepare our application. The evaluation from the external assessor will be a welcome source of feedback which we hope will enable us to further develop the learning opportunities for our students. Whatever award we succeed in achieving will be a mark of our ongoing hard work of proving high quality Religious Education for our students.

Now Lorraine has written a second post: "Achieving our REQM" which resulted in attaining the gold award. 

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Second RE Quality Mark Conference

Posted: Sun 08th Feb 2015

We were delighted to welcome 40 colleagues to the second REQM conference in Birmingham on Saturday 7 February. The conference is held to bring together RE leaders who have achieved the RE Quality Mark Award. It is supported with generous funding from the Hockerill Foundation.

The conference is intended to share some of the practice in schools from different settings. The keynote was given by Dr Rebecca Nye who shared her research on children’s spirituality. REQM schools have opportunities to take part in classroom based research, funded by Culham St Gabriel's. This year there were several schools which shared their findings. Subject leaders led sessions on raising achievement for disaffected boys, the engagement and motivation of pupils in a middle school and a spirituality project between a secondary school and link primaries. A group of schools involved in the Keswick Hall Trust shared their work on collaborating to achieve the REQM and its implications for professional development.

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First RE Quality Mark conference

Posted: Mon 10th Feb 2014

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We were delighted to run the first RE Quality Mark conference for school leaders whose schools have achieved the REQM award. Generously supported by the Hockerill Foundation, the conference focused on sharing examples of high quality practice which enabled schools to achieve the award. The keynote was given by Dr Mark Chater who scoped the opportunities as well as the challenges for RE leaders and encouraged delegates to take advantage of and contribute to the new cpd opportunities emerging through RE hubs. 7 subject leaders led sessions about enquiry based learning, the usefulness of networking, RE in a special school, spiritual development and RE, using ICT in RE and high quality learning in RE.

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